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Friday, May 28, 2004
Ready For The Weekend
Is it just me, or has this been a long week? I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Vicki's feeling much better from her surgical stuff at the beginning of the week, and she and the kids are running some errands this morning before hopefully finding some time to play later on. We're all looking forward to the holiday weekend, even if I have to do some yard work and run the blower across the driveway & patio.

Last night went well, except that I was incredibly warm while teaching. As I'm wiping my forehead with our handy-dandy towels, other ladies are gathering quilts - so I didn't ask to make it any cooler. We had a good time, talking about "engaging the will" and such. Afterwards, I just really enjoyed getting the kids in the car, listening to the end of last night's "Adventure In Odyssey", and getting home to listen to the Gamecocks beat the UT Vols in the SEC Baseball Tournament. Honestly, I was so pooped last night that I could've watched just about anything - it's been that kind of a week.

So for the three-day holiday coming tomorrow (not nearly soon enough, if you ask me), I've got some things I'd like to do/start:
  • walking - starting tonight, I'll be hoofing it in my neighborhood, because I can't justify putting off any longer my need to exercise and lose weight
  • reading - really like to finish just one of the four books I'm in
  • movies - hoping to watch COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO tonight on an in-house date-night with my sweetie, and then maybe MIRACLE tomorrow night with my folks at their house
  • yardwork - getting out and clearing the walkways and driveways, mowing the front yard and seeing what we might want to do landscaping-wise this summer
  • sleep - late, often


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