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Saturday, May 29, 2004
Saturday Morning
  • The State - Gamecocks in "hairy" situation
    I'm not superstitous, and that thing's ugly. But if they keep winning, he can look like Grizzly Adams for all I care.

    We've got a rule in the house for our children: you may not sign up for anything on the internet that requires personal information. In other words, no new screen names. There are a few kid-friendly sites out there, but we also want to use this rule to teach our kids not to give personal information to anyone because many of the "anyones" out there are looking for harm kids or to steal identities. Normally, they sit down with one of us and we'll enter information to get to the fun stuff, and avoid stuff with bad intentions.

    Last night, our son told us that he had made a new screenname to get a new set of online something or other. In all honesty, it's not that big a deal. But, his conscience made him tell us after the fact - and I need to uphold that conscience when it's right. So, he was able to finish what he was doing last night on the PC, but no PC this morning until I'd had time to think about it. That was his "punishment".

    He got up before me. He didn't hear me coming down the stairs. And he jumped up from the PC, thinking I hadn't seem him playing on the website again. It's a safe site, so I'm not concerned about it. But he knew he'd done wrong. New punishment: no PC this morning, then we go to a wedding midday, and no PC after that. If there are no further problems today, he can get on the PC at Grampa's house. As I'm trying to give proportionally bad consequences for disobeying - and trying to reinforce his conscience - it's really going to be tough for him to not get on the PC.

    Being a parent is a learning process, much like being a kid.
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