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Sunday, May 30, 2004
  • CNN.com - Good manners apply on the beach, too - May 30, 2004: "And whatever you do, don't feed the gulls. Once you do, they'll stick around, squawking and flapping and -- when nature calls -- playing an icky version of beach blanket bingo."

    It's been an interesting day, but a fairly restful one, too. After a leadership meeting at church post-service, it was naptime for most of the family. I hate it when I sleep hard and wake up feeling stiff & headachy, but it's nothing a couple of Tylenol can't help. Right now, something else that could help would be the Gamecocks holding on to a 3-2 lead in the ninth over Vanderbilt in the SEC Baseball Tourney.

    Double play to end the ninth - woo hoo!

    Nothing on TV tonight. Maybe we'll watch MIRACLE, after watching COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Friday (good movie, left me wanting to read the book). Or maybe we'll relax and flip across the dial, maybe read a little in the peace & quiet while the kids watch something lous and obnoxious upstairs. After the thunderstorms earlier, and the nice clear skies now, and after the deep headachy sleep, I think I'll look forward to just about anything that's just.... ahhhh... peaceful.

    Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We're going to enjoy time with friends and family, playing and yapping about stuff that's probably not quite that deep - thankful to those who've gone before, paying the price to keep us free.
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