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Friday, June 18, 2004
Birthdays & Getting Old(er)
I'm going to be turning 36 in July. Thirty-six, and I've only just begun. Longevity is no guarantee of wisdom, but getting older has its moments. As for birthdays, I get to update my wishlist @ Amazon, tell friends and family that giftcards are muy bien, and look forward to the cards my kids will write/color/draw for me. I find that I don't need that much in the way of "toys" anymore, but that I also like them and appreciate them a little more these days. Perhaps that's a notable factor in getting older - not needing much, but greater appreciation for what does come your way. At least, in those folks I look up to with humility, peace and real deep happiness, that's a part of who they are. The opposite probably happens too much of the time - crotchety and whiney old people, complaining about how this world's going to crap and the young whippersnappers don't realize how good they've got it.

They're right. We don't. But we're the ones holding the keys to your "retirement villa". Be careful there.
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