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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Call For Questions
I've been posting "The Stand" (I've got to come up with a better title) for a few days now, and I only foresee a few more entries. But I'm curious about what others think, not just in agreement but also in disagreement. I haven't had many comments in those entries - either because folks fall asleep reading, or they're just not moved to responding. But this is a request for your feedback. I know you're out there - I "write for me", but it's always been a fun blessing to know that others are reading along, too. And as I've laid it bare so to speak, I would really appreciate any feedback on any of the topics I've already hit and any of the upcoming entries.

I'll add this - maybe some haven't responded because it's just so darn agreeable with where they're at. But do you have a friend who'd disagree? Or someone in your life who'd appreciate the chance to ask questions? Maybe there's someone you've been trying to talk to about "the emerging church" or whatever, and something like these entries can at least jumpstart the conversation. Pass them a link or two (I've got the different pieces linked on the top right sidebar) - I'd appreciate the interaction.

Thanks & peace - we now re-join our network programming, already in progress.
Hi Rick and anyone else who happens to see this.

God has His interesting ways of connecting people as most of us by age 40 have seen. Well, today isn't any different. I awoke at around 7 am today and began thinking of how the other day, with a little tearing in my eyes, God touched them and healed me, so I can now see so much clearer.

Was it the salt of my tears? That question led to "You are the Salt of the earth." and that to the Spit that Jesus used to heal the blind. Hmmm. Was it the Salt in His spit? Or was I still sleeping and dreaming this question?

About a week ago, I attended a healing service at a church in Rochester, NY. The attending pastor told us of a story of a blind woman, who had come up to be healed by a pastor and how she told him, "God told me to have you spit in my eyes, so I could see."

After a few "I don't think I want to do that" and replying back to him, "God told me to tell you", the pastor finally complied with her wishes and she immediately got her sight. Was that just faith or spit again? What is in the spit besides salt? Good question huh? I thought so... :)

It's the actual DNA of God, who created us all.

Sure He made the salt, but the Holy Spirit in us all still runs with His perfect DNA. Isn't that why He says, "Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is." He knew that statement wasn't just another "blog" and instead the Truth, because we ARE perfect - we have His own DNA running through each of us - we are healthy and can remain that way forever, if we don't botch it up with stuff like French Fries and Pork sausages and cigarettes.!!

Eat from the Harvest - Who harvests french fries? or pork sausages? or greasy hamburger? How about no one! So, is it possible to live longer with fresh carrots, lettuce, grains, oranges, and cherries? I think so.

But that's not all...I knew you were waiting for the punch line....

Isn't that why He says, "Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is." Not exactly! Having His DNA is part of it, but how about a few things like TELLING others about Him too. Doing whatever is RIGHT and skipping the wrong things. Going out of your way and IN SECRET, doing some pretty cool things for others and not letting them know who did it. That's what He means - go BEYOND the "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you."

Have a blessed year everyone - start with today. Mary Beth
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