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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Change Now
I've blogged a little about things in my life that need to change, things that can't be put off for a better time. Now is the time. One of them I began to put into practice yesterday: just turning the TV off last night, turning on the radio to read or work on my laptop. I also used that former channel surfing time to play with the kids a little more last night.

What else do I need to do? Exercise. We've got a perfect neighborhood for walking, and all I need to do is do it. This morning I've got an enormous headache, brought on I'm sure by the lag time before getting my refill on BP medication. Duh. Losing weight is my number one way to beat this, and all I've got to do is start. So here it is in blog-and-white: I'll start tonight. After the kids go to bed, I'm walkin' - yes indeed, and I'm tallkin'... to myself about whatever's on my mind. But I'm not making any more excuses. There's too much to do to feel this bad today, and I've got the tools to make life better all over. Stupid to stay this way.
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