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Sunday, June 20, 2004
Father's Day
It's good to be Daddy at my house. My wife is wonderful, and my kids try really hard to make sure I know they love me. I got a Starbucks travel mug with a collage of digital pics in the liner - very cute - and a home kit for my XM radio - woo hoo. I also got cards and hugs and tickling and more cards and a flag that says "Happy Father's Day", made in Sunday school this morning. I'm a blessed man.

But as I looked around the congregation this morning, I asked this question: where was everyone? There were so many people just not there. I know of a few on vacation, and I'm sure some were probably dealing with sickness or other family issues. And I'm really not standing in judgment of anyone... at least, I don't think I am. It's just that as a father, I'm challenged to be all that and more to my kids and my wife. And it hurts me personally that there were dads missing, or moms who weren't there to be with their husbands, or kids showing up on their own with no parents coming to at least show support.

I can't expect my kids to do any better than I'm willing to put forth effort in front of them. I fail, miserably and often, but it's not for lack of effort. What bothers me most is that if I can do it - just getting out of bed and being on time Sunday morning - than anyone can do it. Often, the people with the biggest smiles are living the most deceptive lives. And today, it just strikes me that they're passing that along to their kids.
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