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Friday, June 04, 2004
Losing My Politics
Not that you were wondering.... :)

How would I describe my "politics"?
  • I want to find someone pro-life, pro-family and pro-education.
  • I want social values to matter - including tax cuts for the poor (that encourages through time-constraints to work hard to get out of poverty level existence), and tax cuts for the rich that include must-have-incentives to provide jobs and local-economy-enrichment.
  • I'd like to see a platform that is for good big business and that's against bad big business - looking to encourage those companies that build wealth for everyone involved, and looking to root out those companies that promote a huge sucking sound where all the money goes to the top and none of it gets to the people doing the work.
  • I want to see people who are up in arms about the ease of marriage and divorce (both legal situations/contracts should be more difficult to get) as much as they're enraged over same-sex marriage.
  • I'd love to see conservatives get into environmental and social issues that have been, in the past, mostly dealt with in a left-leaning mindset. I don't think the entitlement mentality needs to be prolonged, but I also think there's got to be a way to share the wealth with people in need, to revamp the justice system to provide the greatest good, etc.
  • I'd like to see a real middle - not just a fence-straddling wishy-washiness that is prevalent in what now passes for "moderate".
  • And on matters of religion and the perceived "separation of church and state", I'd rather the political wheels be turned to less regulation than more. Let the world religions be welcome and encouraged in the common marketplace. You can even preach tolerance as a country - but that's a tolerance for everyone, even those ideas that seem intolerant or are considered "too Christian" to be worthwhile. I think that in the open air, authentic Christianity stands up pretty well - even more so as real people live it out in real ways.

    How would I describe the "perfect candidate"?
  • He (or she) is the one who grabs onto the things I wrote above. On top of that, instead of badmouthing any opponents, he might be the one to extol their virtues as human beings. He would point out their differences without having to resort to demonizing "the other side". He would use common sense and a good intelligent speaking ability to get ideas across, able to inspire people without using fear, shame or "a call from God".

    Why do I talk about this?
  • I think it's important to consider another, more-controversial stance when it comes to politics, culture, and other things - because I find that our position is usually lacking in substance, and it's doing nothing to make the world a better, more kingdom-oriented place. Looking at all sides of an issue helps me figure out what's really going on. Many times, change only comes about when a person is awakened to "the other side" - or when one recognizes that there is often more than one other side, and that the "currently held position" might not be all that. Which side is God on? Often, neither - Ask Joshua.

    WWJVF? Who would Jesus vote for?
  • Better phrasing would be: "FWWJV: For whom would Jesus vote?". Actually, in all honesty, I don't know that He would vote. If He did, it would be based completely on the Father's will. Doesn't that go without saying? Having said that, though, it might be completely opposite from what we might think. I don't think I can presume to know who God would sovereignly place "in charge" over a group of people or a certain jurisdiction. I just know that it would be to His honor and glory, right? Case in point: Nebuchadnezzar was a terrible tyrant - and yet he was God's choice to rule over His own people for a time.

    That's it - that's the list. It's not all-inclusive, as I'm sure there are things I've left off unintentionally (or intentionally, take your pick). Feel free to rip it to shreds - helps us all feel good on some level, and it helps us get to the truth faster than just "agreeing to disagree"...
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