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Monday, June 21, 2004
Mundane Monday
  • Post Cards From Omaha -- Day Four :: Gamecocks work to bounce back from Saturday's opening loss
    The College World series continues for USC at 2pmET, and I'd better be in front of my laptop streaming this game. It's an elimination game, since we lost to Cal State Fullerton Saturday, but we've been there before. I like our chances, in a biased sort of way.

  • Mini Vacation
    My wife and kids are headed to the mountains for a little R&R. I've got to work, and we'll have a couple of trips together this summer before school starts back. They're old enough to be helpful for her up there, and there's lots to do. Her mom owns a condo on a golf resort in Lake Lure, and it's nice for them to get away for a few days each year like that. Nice for me, too, since I get a little peace & quiet around the house, and get to take in a few movies I wouldn't normally get to see (Dodgeball - I hope it's worth it).

  • The State | 06/21/2004 | Candidates argue over electability
    I'm probably going to vote for Jim DeMint in tomorrow's South Carolina U.S. Senate runoff for the Republican candidate - but the negative attack ad right out the chute still bothers me. Now that both camps are mostly into name-calling, I've taken a deeper look into the whole "free trade" vs. "fair trade" issue. I think I'm seeing more global incentive for DeMint's version of free trade, which I read to be letting the market decide what goes on, and then raise the standards and competitiveness around us locally if we want to create jobs and unplug the economy. Closing markets by enforcing "fair trade" might do more harm than good in the long run, and there's a subtle message sent that we can't compete so we might as well shut those markets out. That's the wrong message to send, like telling your child "you're slow, so let's tie everyone else down with extra weight to even the field" versus telling him "you can win, just try harder and work for it". The latter builds ethic and character, and the former caves in eventually to being whiney.
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