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Monday, June 28, 2004
Rainy Days & Mondays
Why is it that every time I think of writing about Monday, it's either this Carpenters' song, or "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas & the Papas, or Garfield's mantra, "I hate Mondays"?

Actually, it's pretty wet here. Almost ten inches of rain during the month of June, and more coming this afternoon. The yard looks good (friend of mom's worked it last week), but that won't last long if more goofy limbs break off the trees. I'm up this morning - something I didn't want to be just an hour ago. And I'm dressed and ready to head out the door. Work work work - a good thing, and I'm ready to have a good week, get a good bit of testing done, and move forward in all the little nagging projects scattered around my cubicle.

Still a bit dazed from last week's "philosophical exertion." I'll probably blog in "The Stand" series on the importance of Conversations next, then Forgiveness & Mercy, then finally getting to Salvation & Redemption - I really think that it's best to think of things in that order. Most of the time when I try to explain what I've grown to believe, those who have differing or seemingly more solid viewpoints want to try to get me to see things their way, which to them is the "right way". I don't usually end up arguing against anyone else's perception, and I'm finding it easier to support my own views with scripture and reasoning and a little heartfelt mercy towards them... hopefully. Anyway, that's the plan for now, subject to change without notice of course.

As always, thanks for letting me spew.
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