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Monday, June 07, 2004
Remembering the President - Reprise
Flipping channels on my normal AM and satellite XM dial today at lunch, and I have to send props to Air America's Al Franken. The conservative pundits are too syrupy or are using this event to harangue against the liberals, and the other left-leaning voices are refusing to acknowledge his positives. There's not alot of respect nor mourning on either side. I don't mind bringing up the differences and problems of the Reagan presidency, but meanness is not called for when respect and honor and charm among individuals was such a huge part of who he was. But Al Franken's not stooping, at least in my opinion, to belittling his memory. He's showing respect and honoring who he was as a man, while not taking away from where he really disagreed politically. Even if you found yourself against him, his charm made you comfortable. I think Franken put it this way on the air today: "He knew you disagreed with him, but you knew he didn't take it personally."
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