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Saturday, June 19, 2004
Saturday Schtuff
Breaking News: My wife has started a blog - DramaMama. Give her props.

  • Yahoo! Sports - NCAA Baseball - Top catchers Powell, Suzuki meet in CWS
    The Gamecocks open against the Titans this afternoon in Omaha. Hopefully, it'll be a long boring 15-2 game, with USC putting it away in the first inning with a couple of grandslams. I can't take anymore comeback victories. And if it's a blowout, I can flip nack and forth to the U.S. Open coverage. Golf and baseball - perfect nap-taking spectator sports.

    I feel crappy - not just in mood (unkymood icon on right sidebar), but physically. There's a stomach virus thing going around the church, and I don't know if I got it or not. But I do know that I was awake 'til 2am last night, slept 'til 10am this morning, and I've got the body aches and nasty-bathroom-trips going on this morning (too much info, I know).

    So I'm going to take it easy today. It's already 85F and humid, so I'm not going to be doing the yardwork that's still really needed outside. Probably Monday evening, in the cool of the night; definitely before my wife and kids get back from their mini-vacation later in the week. I'm going to flip sports channels and sleep. Not hungry, but thanks for offering. And go Gamecocks.
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