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Friday, June 11, 2004
Separation of Church & State
For me, this catch-phrase has come to be meaningless by it's overuse. Let me explain. When someone is conservative and uses the phrase "separation of church and state", it's with a negative you-don't-understand-what-the-Constitution-really-says kind of fascination. There's more of an emphasis on not allowing the government to interfere with religious matters, because that's the assumed intention of the First Amendment:If the phrase is used by someone of a more liberal slant, it tends to mean that religion should not have an influence on affairs of state, that the "separation of church and state" means that government doesn't have to support religion and should not be influenced by religious mindsets. It actually assumes that sanctioning any religious activity or emphasis is wrong, and that religious superstition can be relegated to the fringe of the culture where it won't effect the rest of the population.

Both sides are probably wrong. As usual, there is another, deeper and more meaningful way to look at this, at least from what I can figure. A third option is that we are not to sell out our Christianity to any political agenda. While our kingdom-values should drive us and prompt us in decision making, they should not be co-opted or manipulated for political or socio-economic gain.

I'm sure I've got more to say, but there's probably more out there to be said, too. Thanks for reading this far, and if you have, you've probably got your own thoughts on the subject. Don't hold back - I'm looking for enlightenment.
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