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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Too Many Opinions...
I. am. tired. of. opinionated. Christians.

I don't have a monopoly on truth, but from what I read in the Bible, we can know Truth. Jesus is Truth, and I don't have to add the descriptor "absolute" in front of it to know it's true, to know He is true. My opinions aren't worth diddly.

I am now listening to a radio talking head tell me that I have a moral obligation to confront evil as I see it. For him, that means that I will vote to re-elect the President. For another talk show host on another, competing network, my moral obligation would be to clean house and vote in the Democrats. I understand why they are ideologues and are so concerned - mostly, it's bad theology. And we as Christians in this country just eat it up.

Wouldn't that be something? What if we're all able to boil down all the divisiveness and angst in this country to "bad theology" - an improper view of God? Who needs politics if we could finally get a real, personal and invasive perspective on who God is and what He's about? Meanwhile, Christians get into bed with conservative politicians, hoping to advance their view of a Christian agenda. Or, other Christians sell their souls to the liberal political machine, hoping to advance their view of a kingdom agenda.

Perhaps we lack imagination. Just my opinion.
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