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Friday, June 11, 2004
What's Holding Us Back?
I'm sitting here at my desk, my cubicle in the corporate building that's been my workplace for fourteen years. I'm listening to a sermon on 2 Timothy 2, being challenged to live with endurance. Last night, I was reading that my endurance and perseverance are necessary in order to be "complete" in this life. I have a friend going through divorce, and another friend who's excited about following hard after God. My wife wants to be challenged to go deeper in Christ, and other folks want nothing to do with a more personal perspective on the Almighty. President Reagan is being honored and memorialized in the Capitol Rotunda, and others are returning from the battlefields with very little notice or fanfare. People are getting offended over the most incredibly small things, while others are somehow able to forgive the biggest betrayals and move on in life.

Life goes on, and on and on - doesn't it? And in the midst of it, we avoid suffering. We take the easier way, we vote for the lesser of two evils, we choose the "open door" and call it the Will of God. It's like my "opinionated" post earlier: we think we've got it all figured out, but nothing changes, nothing gets better and nothing ever works out the way we'd hoped. And I'm the most optimistic & hopeful person I know.

There's something about perseverance, choosing the right way over the easy way, enduring through hardship instead of always avoiding struggle - that kind of mindset needs to set in.

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