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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
What's Important
I really enjoyed having Monday off. I don't want to minimize the recognition of our veterans, who have given so much of themselves for the rest of the country - their sacrifices are worth much more than a Monday off. But having said that, I really enjoyed having a day to just be with my family, loving on my kids, resting and relaxing. Saturday was busy with a midday wedding. Sunday was Sunday, with all of its trappings and the added hoo-ha of a leadership meeting at church. But Monday - ahhh, Monday.

Relationships are important. From all I can gather, they're the most important thing in our lives. Love God, love others. It's all about relationship. And I find myself harshing on my kids, or being a sarcastic sap to friends - not really taking the time to pour myself into the people I love. Am I a taker more than a giver? That's the question confronting me this morning. Of all the things that take up my time, a central theme of the majority is *ME*. And that's a problem.

Other things have to be laid aside. Blogging to an extent, and computer time in general. TV channel surfing. Sleeping late. Staying up late. Those are the things that rob me of time and energy. I need to pick up certain other "habits" and build them into a daily and weekly routine: walking the neighborhood, reading with my family, time management at work to give me time to spend with co-workers. Little things need to change, or be dropped, or be added.

My car is a metaphor for my life. It needs an oil change. I've driven too far on the last tune-up, and it's getting crappy mileage. With the cost of driving and living being so high right now, I need to take care of what's important.

UPDATE: It's 3:20pm, and what I wrote this morning is that much more important and vital. Because now, I've got no energy, there's pressure to get things done, and I want to take a nap and escape. But that's not an option, and I still have to follow-through on the stuff above. Thank God for grace...
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