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Friday, July 16, 2004
Agreeable Disagreement
  • Holding It Together, Sojourners Magazine/May-June 1999
  • Sojo.net - Election Issues

    It seems that the only two issues being fought today by Christians are related to homosexuality and same-sex marriage and the continuing fight against abortion (there also might be a third cause - defending the Bush Administration against liberals - but I don't think it's reached the level of the first two yet). If you stand against same-sex unions and against abortion, you can have our votes - that appears to be the evangelical agenda in this country as we get closer to election time.

    The site/links above are from a "progressive" Christian site/magazine, and they tend to ask the other tough questions that the Christian Right doesn't. Liberal or conservative, at least they're taking a different stance than most. I want to ask more questions of our candidates, not stopping with abortion and gay rights, but also asking about the problems with the war in Iraq, injustices in the prison abuse scandals, sweeping poverty that still effects too many people, environmental concerns that seem to be pushed aside too often, etc.

    VOTE, and be informed and well-rounded as you head to the polls this November 2.
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