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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Back to Work
Today's going to be a good day, but only if I get busy and get things done. One of the problems with being out a few days is that the work doesn't stop around you. I've got some catching up to do, starting with a way-too-early conference call this morning. Then tonight I'm supposed to be doing movie night with Scott - maybe Anchorman, maybe Dodgeball - but not until I catch up on some things here. The Family's home, unpacking & playing & helping Nanny get re-settled at home (finally returning home after hip-replacement surgery 07/08). I guess we're all busy, all trying to catch up, and all hoping to have a little R&R time this evening.

We need a vacation from that vacation :) - really enjoyed it, really relaxed, and really need to get to work.
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