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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Beam Us Up, Scotty
  • CNN.com - James Doohan, 'Trek's' Scotty, has Alzheimer's - Jul 7, 2004: "'His longterm memory seems to be intact,' said Chris Doohan, 45. 'If you ask him how he got his role on 'Star Trek' or (about) D-Day, he can talk for an hour about that. But if you ask him what he had for breakfast,' he can't say."

    I grew up with Star Trek, from the reruns that used to run every weekday afternoon on channel 19, to the movies coming out and the whole search for Spock storyline. When TNG came out, I wasn't impressed at first, but it grew on me. I was never a huge Trek fan, and haven't been to a convention (yet), but I did enjoy the characters and the future optimism and hope. All that to say, Scotty was the workhorse, just doing his best for the Cap'n and getting the Enterprise to perform as best she could. It's good he can still recall the good times.
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