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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
There's alot going on right now, and it's only going to get busier before it calms back into a school/work/church rhythm in a few weeks:

  • My mother-in-law's having problems with her hip replacement. There's an infection in the incision - thankfully not in the replacement area itself - and the nurses and techs are having a tough time putting in a port for the antibiotics. She's in a rehab center and being very well cared for, but it's hard for her personality-wise to wait and follow orders and not be in charge. And that weighs on my wife, who can't be there and can't do anything beyond the medical professionals to make things better.
  • My wife can't be with her mom as much because of a class she's taking this week at USC. So far, she's not impressed. I hope it turns out to be something that is beneficial, since it's taking so much time from her mom and from the kids.
  • We're going on vacation soon, so that just adds a little more hectic-ness to the schedule as we pack, get the automobile ready for the long drive, set-up who's going to feed and water the pets, etc.
  • And I've got a headache, all over - blah feeling and achy is not a good thing when I need to wrestle kids to bed at night.
  • But on a positive note, the kids are loving it at their Day Camp this week. Since my wife's got class, they're attending an all-day camp at our old church up the street. They keep them busy - today was Messy Day - and so far they're having a blast. With school starting in a few weeks, it's been good to go ahead and get them into the routine of earlier bedtimes and earlier wake-up calls.

    All that to say: it's busy around here, and there's need for much prayer, for healing, for rest, for peace in the journey. And each night as we pray with the kids before bed, I ask that God will fill us with love for each other, and that we'll just enjoy being together and lifting up the Lord.
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