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Monday, July 12, 2004
Changing Election Day
  • MSNBC - Exclusive: Election Day Worries
  • CNN.com - Officials discuss how to delay Election Day - Jul 11, 2004

    This really bothers me. I don't think that anything could be done on such a level as to disrupt entirely the election process in this country. At local precincts, perhaps, things could go whacky - but on a national scale, the Constitution's date/timing would still be pretty much in force. One of the things I heard this morning is that another Amendment would have to be proposed and ratified nationally, as well as Amendments for state constitutions and probably in local bylaws and such. Nothing like that could happen quickly if something horrendous were to happen the weekend before the current November date, so any changes would have to come now - and I just don't see how that would do anything but muddy the water and further divide the constituency. On top of that, we would disrupt our own elections, and leave the door open for future legal wrangling over the results *again*, and the terrorists would not have had to do a dang thing...
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