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Friday, July 02, 2004
Finally Friday - Four Days For The Fourth
It's been a long week, but a long four-day weekend is coming up strong at the end of it. I've started reading a couple of new books, and maybe I can finish one I've been working through while I enjoy the holiday.

We're diving into something interesting at church in July, looking to join the movement to "Reclaim America" by educating ourselves on America's Christian heritage, the faith of so many of the founding fathers, looking at ways to effect change and impact lives in real ways in our country. I hope I can be the reasoning voice in the bunch, able to throw into the discussion that we're in the mess we're in because Christians haven't been living as kingdom people - we've dropped the ball over the past few generations, and that's allowed other opposing views to rise to the top and take control of so much public discussion and politics today. I don't like all the generalization and finger-pointing that feels unbalanced because it really looks like we're the ones who might be the most to blame, you know?

Tomorrow, we might head to the Gilbert Peach Festival - one goal: peach ice cream. Sunday we're celebrating my birthday with the family, and I'm hoping my sweetie and I can catch and afternoon showing of Spider-Man 2. Monday, I'm sleeping late - woo hoo - and then the kids and I will join my wife at a friend's home to swim swim swim. Tuesday, I've got the extra day off to again sleep late - woo hoo - and just relax before coming back to the office next Wednesday.
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