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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Getting Old(er)
Time just keeps moving forward, and I just keep getting older. I blow off the notion that my kids will be leaving the house soon (promise?), and forget to spend time with them now so that the future separation will be something they're prepared for, or spending time with them now so they'll miss us, too. I love watching them grow up, seeing them change and blossom into individuals with personalities and gifts. The same in my wife, watching as she matures into an even more beautiful woman year after year, hoping that I don't blow it by holding her back, hoping that I am the encouragement I want to be more and more as time goes by.

I feel old, and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I know I'm not alone, and that many folks around me are doing the exact same thing, but that doesn't ease the growing pains of "maturity", does it? I've changed so much over the last ten years. I never would've guessed I'd be in a non-denom church, struggling with issues of evangelism and church and leadership. I feel so isolated sometimes, not finding anyone real and tangible to talk about these things I'm learning that seem to be important. Other times, I'm just overwhelmed that God is still revealing Himself in ways worth learning and pursuing - and in those times, I find someone I can talk to, someone who's also going through it, and being "isolated" isn't such a bad thing...Ever stop to wonder why some of the best lyrics came out of the 80s? Like these two songs: I liked them both then and appreciate them both now. Wonder if that's a part of growing up, realizing that you had pieces of the puzzle all along - like song lyrics or movie scenes or passages from high school literature assignments - and that it's just taking this long to put some of those pieces together into something meaningful...?
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