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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Going to Church?
I don't know why it bothers me that we're not meeting tonight for CWO's Midweek POWERhouse services. We had scheduled a discussion/forum in conjunction with our month-long journey to "Reclaim America". I don't know why the forum was/is important for me tonight, since I felt like I was one against the crowd the last time we did this - but I was looking forward to it, if only to listen and not cause a rift again. I think any time we can come together for open discussion is a good thing, both affirming and challenging each other towards godliness in community.

I understand why we're cancelling this evenings activities. It'll be a busy weekend, with our church heading to Daughter of Zion Church in Eastover to worship with them, lead in some conferences and such. My family is leaving on vacation and we won't be attending the other church or our own this weekend, so I don't feel like I've got a say in that - and it was a decision made among the pastors and leaders who will be there and will be busy all weekend. It will be a good thing, joining with another local body to lift each other up.

But since we were going to be away for the weekend, I was looking forward to tonight. I like going to church, and I love the people. They're family, and you don't look for excuses to not gather when you love your family. Like I said, I understand and I don't disagree - it's just that there's a hole in my schedule that's bigger than just the missed time together.
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