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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Home Again
We're home again - hooray - and I'm really really tired. The past two days I've fallen asleep in the afternoon. I enjoy a good nap, but I rarely get one, and when I do it's usually planned. Not these - I fell asleep yesterday afternoon in the hotel room, waking to find a note that the family had gone to one of the attractions and that I could meet them in a hour. Today, after the long trek home, I spread on the couch thinking about what kind of welcome-home-pizza we were going to order, and fell asleep again. I don't mind getting old, getting tired, needing a little extra rest. But tomorrow I go back to work - and they tend to frown on snoring in the cubicle forest!

We had a great time. I'm looking forward to the kids getting a little bit older & having a little more history and science in school so that we can enjoy some of that aspect in the places we visit. They got along really well, and Vicki and I had no major problems with attitude or whininess - well, maybe from me a little. We also enjoyed some really good rates and saved a few dollars, and in buying a season membership we can go back a few times this next year and explore together again.

Pictures from the trip posted here - woo hoo.
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