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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Marriage Amendment & Stem Cells
  • CNN.com - Marriage amendment expected to die in Senate - Jul 14, 2004
  • CNN.com - McCain: Same-sex marriage ban is un-Republican - Jul 14, 2004

    I'm conflicted. I know that something probably needs to be done, but either this is too much, as McCain is saying, or it's not nearly enough. The "sanctity of marriage" is an ideal that's not an actuality at a national and cultural level, as observed in the divorce rates, the number of out-of-wedlock pregnancies, the statistics on abuse, etc. This is a case where the legislation would probably not make the population any more moral. How can we as a nation promote the desired idyllic values in a way that real people make real life changes?

  • Yahoo! News - Government to Open 'Stem Cell Bank'

    From the general research I've done into all of this, I like the way this is going right now. I'm curious to see how or if this plays out in the coming days leading up to the major party conventions.
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