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Saturday, July 17, 2004
Saturday Thinkin'
Watching the weather this morning, waiting to see if it's going to rain or not. Rain is good, keeping the normally mid-90s July heat subside to the mid-80s. But not raining would be good this morning, too: my Dad wants to take T-boy and I to play mini-golf up the street. Hard to putt while it's pouring down though.

Vicki is at the church already, getting ready for FashionShare. Ladies from the community will be treated to a fashion show and free clothing - not the cheapy stuff you're looking to empty from your closet, but nice things for business, job interviews, some casual wear, etc. They're going to have a wonderful and exhausting day.

“We believe God is calling us to find our place of meeting in Christ rather than with those who agree with us in order to stand against those who disagree with us.” - Hugo's blog, via Knowtown

Hmmm... that's good. Don't know what to do with it, but it rings true to me in a variety of ways. In context, it's a snippet from a Mennonite Conference's bylaws, recognizing that we're not always going to agree on substantive matters and that we still need to lovingly live as the Body of Christ. With all I've been whining about lately, I needed the challenge to find and live in the common ground of our mutual need for Christ and mutual calling to kingdom-life with Him.

"New York had 400 Jews in 1825 and 40,000 by 1860. In other words, it was a serious chore to get a decent bagel on the Lower East Side during the Jackson presidency." - Salim @ Instant Replay

Thought that was a great line, too.

I'm in the middle of a couple of books right now:
  • Founding Brothers, Joseph J. Ellis - Really readable style, very readable, won a Pulitzer while sharing some of the conversations and compromises made by men who knew each other, who loved and died for/with each other, and who knew they were doing something of lasting significance in establishing USAmerica.
  • Perpetua: a Bride, a Passion, a Martyr, Amy Rachel Peterson - Not as readable, but fairly interesting fictionalized account of a real girl coming to know Jesus and being killed for it.
  • Ironic Christian's Companion, Patrick Henry - Easy to read, and challenging to me personally, seeing grace in some weird and off-the-beaten-path ways.

    All that... and I need to watch Big Fish today so I can send it back to Netflix. Whew - so how's your Saturday?
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