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Sunday, July 25, 2004
Stone Mountain
We arrived yesterday afternoon - very long drive with two getting-bored-and-more-bored children in the back. But it was a good drive, and we were all glad to finally get to Stone Mountain Park. We went to the Barn first - basically, a three-story sponge ball attack game. You're supposed to be gathering the balls and doing things that would build points on the computer system, but instead of picking up the "fruit", people are throwing them at each other and shooting them through air tubes from all three levels. More fun than it sounds, but hotter than it needs to be in July. We went swimming for about an hour after that, and then it was back down to one of the over-priced/long-wait restaurants in the park. It was good, not that over-priced, and the sweet potato fries were really really good. After that, back to the hotel room to watch a DVD and wait for the firworks at the end of the laser show.

Today, we've got all day in the park - no need to drive anywhere, except maybe a jaunt around the mountain to the resort on the other side and its Starbucks Cafe. We're going to go down to the Treehouse, where boys are pitted against girls in games and computer stuff. Later on, we'll come back and swim a bit, find a frappachino & sandwiches for lunch, and then maybe take a train ride or go to the top of the mountain this afternoon. It's cupposed to be cooler today, and if it's even just a little less humid it'll be much more bearable.
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