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Saturday, July 10, 2004
It's my weekend to mow the church yard, and it was way too easy for me. With the "official" mower down until it can be repaired, Brother Joel brought his landscaping equipment for me, and we did it "together". He did all the work while I rode the riding mower and proceeded to have the church weed-eater crap out on me (tangled twine) and the church blower run out of gas, too. Honest. He had all the right tools, and we were done in just over an hour - and if it hadn't gone like that I would've taken at least 2.5hrs using the push mower. I'm really really grateful, sir - you are da man!

And I was still sweaty. Came home, took a shower, and I'm now relaxed and smell much better. Tomorrow we'll continue the "Reclaim America" emphasis, watching a video from John Hagee, "Remembering D-Day":
    Husbands, sons, brothers and fathers were bleeding and dying for the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Did they die in vain? Today our society, government and courts ridicule God. This country was not built for or by atheists. We are and will always be “One Nation Under God.”

    Pastor Hagee gives you biblical insight into how godless our society is becoming. Jesus said, “He that is not for me is against me.” “Against me” equals the enemy of God! We are becoming a nation full of enemies of God! Believers, this is our D-Day! We need to fight and be committed to nothing less than total victory!
I hope it goes well, I really do. I hope people are encouraged positively and not just driven negatively against "the enemy". I've got the feeling that if we would each serve each other as fully as I feel Brother Joel did with me today, we wouldn't be that far off what God wants of each of us anyway.

And Joel, the next time it's my turn, I'm breaking the mower again, sir. Thank you.
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