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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Tough to Vote
  • Why Christians Should Not Vote for George W. Bush
    This is a very political week in USAmerica, and I'm enjoying the Democratic Convention from Boston. I enjoy listening to rhetoric, trying to hear what they're saying and what they're *really* saying. I can't morally vote for John Kerry & John Edwards, since they and the political platform they represent are in so many ways opposed to what I hold as right: being pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda (where the "civil rights" appear to be "extra rights", undermining the democratic appeal of equal rights for all by giving special rights to a few). But those are not the only issues I am looking at, as I've stated here before. I think the Democrats do bring social issues to the table, like poverty, the environment and education reform.

    Then there's this article linked above, outlining some of the moral questions in voting as Christians to re-elect President Bush. I can't vote for him either, having a problem with the "theology of empire" (from Jim Wallis, this month's Sojourners) that has taken our moral legs out from under us in our dealings with Iraq and around the world.

    I'm left looking for a candidate, perhaps for a party, with three months to go before the election.
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