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Saturday, August 14, 2004
2nd Blogiversary
My 1,271st post (Blogger.com's numbers) comes two years after I posted my first rambling rant on this site. It's funny to go back and read stuff from those first few months of online journaling. Back then, I knew everything, and now when I know nothing, I realize that I still struggle with the same issues (like why do I consistently get bogged down in four books at once), the same relationship hang-ups (no one understands me - waah waah - even though I've got them all figured out), the same weather patterns (hot and muggy - gotta love August in SC), etc etc etc.

I've written before that I write for me. These are my lessons to myself, I suppose. That anyone else would find something worthwhile here is a graciousness beyond what I've asked for. I appreciate the friends and souls that have gone through these pages. All of it has had an impact on me, then and now, to keep moving forward in kingdom life. As Brad Stine put it at PK last week: "Nothing matters but God - because without God, nothing matters". Growing in Christ, making mistakes and being dusted off by Jesus - and writing it all down for an unsuspecting world to find in a google search. That's why I'm here.
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