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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Beautiful Day
After a week of hurricane warnings and wind/rain, it's a beautiful day here. It'll be a little warmer - but I'm not going to complain about upper-80s in August around here. And we don't have any of the clean-up that's continuing on in Florida today - yet another reason to not gripe about a little extra humidity and to just enjoy the view.

It's beautiful in other ways, too. My wife's birthday is this week, and we've got a babysitter lined up for Friday evening - table for two, please. I'm back at work - under-medicated, I'm sure - and I'll get stuff done today in preparation for my trip to Puerto Rico in a few weeks. The kids got off to a shaky start - why is it so hard to find shoes every morning? - but they got to school with smiles. Tonight, I'll do the kids-bath/bedtime routine, giving my sweetie a little breathing room in the middle of her evening's school work. I guess I'm just looking forward to working today, being productive (if I stop blogging and start working, huh?), and then getting home and spending time with my kids, helping my wife and letting her know I think she's wonderful and worth it, and then at the end of the day getting a little reading time on my own.

It's way too easy for me to be cynical - politics, church people, media stuff - and to get down on life, obstacles and such. But I choose, today at least, to not be like that. I choose to live the abundant life today, and to pray/intercede for those around me to do the same.
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