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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Big Storm(s) Rising
I'm a freak when it comes to the weather. I really enjoy watching a weather event roll through. It started when I was working radio in college, DJing at a small AM Christian station here in town. I'd listen to weather reports when a storm was coming or snow was going to roll in, and I'd get to report it to the two or three faithful listeners. I could watch a storm roll across the open field outside the huge plate glass front window of the station. Creation is cool, and creation getting angry is cool to watch.

So I'm stealing glances at the Weather Channel and WeatherBug for radar updates of Bonnie and Charlie (wouldn't it be cool if this year's name had been "Clyde"?) coming up towards SC through Florida. We've already had big thunder from storms that passed through early this morning - a front passed before these two systems come through.

My ideal day today would be to stay home, kick back in my big blue recliner with a book in the sunroom, with the Weather Channel playing just up enough to hear as background noise, and to glance at for radar updates and satellite images. All the windows open, all the lights off, reading in the overcast daylight while these two storms head for the east coast, finishing off the first pot of coffee so I could start a second.

We were made to weather the storms in relationship and fellowship and friendship with Christ. I'm good with that. No complaints at the moment.
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