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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Enviro Safe Dorms
The Gamecock: New dorm keeps it green

Perkins was told they would have Internet by Thursday, but he remains skeptical. "They say Thursday, but does that mean the Thursday before Christmas or the Thursday after Easter?" the third-year criminal justice student joked.

There's some really nice new campus housing going up around the USC system, and this article was published in today's school paper. Sometimes I miss college - taking classes, your only real "deadlines" being getting to the next lecture or leaving in time to make it to work. I didn't live on campus, commuting instead from home each day. But I spent alot of time downtown those last couple of years while dating Vicki and trying to wrap up a computer science under-grad degree.

I'd go back to school in a heartbeat, but I don't miss it enough to just do it. I like getting paid and supporting my family, and I don't remember getting to go to San Francisco or Puerto Rico for any research project in the CompSci program.

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