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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Gratitude in Stress
One of the things I took away from Uprising (the book, by E. R. McManus) is the need for gratitude in life, in my life. Right now, dealing with some pressure within and without, I really want to be grateful to the Lord, thankful that He is forcing my hand and extending an opportunity for some breakthrough, some movement forward.In the midst of the junk in our lives, it's hard to be thankful. Where's the freedom in being stretched and pulled? I put up with too much stress, internalizing much of it and ignoring the rest.I think about all that's going on, and I'm grateful that there might be a growing light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it's a train coming, things are forced to move forward in some way/shape/form. I'm weary of the status quo, tired of taking things as they are and being pressured outside and inside to... whatever.

I might need to re-title this post to something like "the gospel according to Switchfoot". I'm listening to "This Beautiful Mess", and the next song is "Dare You To Move" - and that's where I think I am at this point in this life. It's like I know what to do, where to go, how to proceed - but I don't dare. Where's my courage? Where's my love that's supposed to cast out fear? Am I wrong, or worse, am I afraid? If it's not fear, it's frustration, and perfect love doesn't necessarily cast out frustration.

And in the midst of it... I am utterly and undeniably grateful to God for the pressure and stress that might be finally coming to a head. It's the weirdest feeling, hard to put into words (and yet making a pretty lengthy post on the subject right now, huh?). I can rest in Him, the fact that He loves me, won't let me down, only wants my best. I can smile, maybe not as big and bright as normal, in the midst of the pressure because He will get glory as this crap plays out in our lives.
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