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Monday, August 16, 2004
O2: Revealed
We have a winner - just barely. Only one person guessed right on my Obfuscation2 stories this past Friday. Congratulations to Sarah, who figured me out:

  • Story One - "Construction Site": TRUE - I drove by that house yesterday while heading to my folks' house to feed their cats
  • Story Two - "The Runaway Dog": FALSE - Muffin was too skiddish to cross the yard, much less the interstate
  • Story Three - "Road Trip": TRUE - Jay spent the next ninety seconds or so convincing Michelle that he was now driving the car with a g-u-n-shot wound from the very fake but very real looking and evidently loaded cap g-u-n

    That was fun. Thanks to everyone else venturing a guess. Definitely planning on doing this one again when the time comes.
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