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Saturday, August 07, 2004
PK Aftermath
We left Phillips Arena early (shh - don't tell, ok?) and made it back home by 8pm. It was a good weekend - a little too evangelical and a little too politicized in spots, but overall a very good trip. I was rocked by Erwin McManus - he was really on his game Friday night, which is what I'd expect since it was his book we were themed out on the whole time, right? Brad Stine was really good, too - a Christian conservative "Denis Leary", he really had his stuff going, too.

I did have to excuse myself before the end of Steve Farrar's time. He was just too much for me, over the top and using the same tired ol' emotional Us vs. The Big Bad World rhetoric. That might be too harsh. It's just that I can't stand having the whole "Postmodernism is all about no truth, no absolute truth" argument being thrown into my face every time someone needs someone else to blame. He also had a problem with context in Psalm 15 - I had a completely different sermon come to mind when I read the passage, and I didn't have to skip verses to do it.

Oh, and Bishop Wellington Boone rocked. He used his bible when he preached (Psalm 15 - against pride, quest for humilty). In context & everything. Really challenging and on target, but I was expecting nothing less. I think he took some of the crowd by surprise, not ready for this speaker to get so deep so quickly and so meaningfully.

So we're home, and it's got to make a difference or it was a wasted trip. Meanwhile, it's still a long weekend. I've got to get ready for teaching tomorrow morning, and then the Cleansing Streams intro stuff after worship.
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