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Saturday, August 07, 2004
"Somebody's gettin' a new daddy tonite!"
We're back at the hotel, wrapping up a long day after the evening's PK program. Erwin McManus, author of UPRISING, the book that's themed out here at the conference, was the main speaker, along with Joe White. I'd never heard of him, but he's got a resume' that includes sports and other ministries. Good speaker, talking about bondage and how we don't really live in freedom until God wakes us up to our need. During his time, White asked men to deal with the issues that plague their lives (a couple of photos at our photopage). I'm sure that there were men tonight that really gave it over to Christ once and for all. So tonight - some wife is really getting a new husband, and a child is getting a brand new daddy, and an employer is getting a new & improved employee.

I pray that the changes and challenges tonight and tomorrow bear long-term fruit. That's usually the worst thing - getting all sentimentally hyped at a conference like this and then losing all that enthusiasm as soon as the first hurdle appears on the way home. I pray that doesn't happen, that men are real and courageous. I think Saturday's schedule will help, reinforcing what's already started.

In my own life, I want to be challenged and changed, too. I've already read the UPRISING book, and I'm encouraging the men to pick up a copy for our book study/discussion that's starting in a couple of weeks. I'm at a point right now where I want something more - but that "more" is elusive, hard to grab onto, difficult to define and to find. I don't want easy answers, but I also know that very seldom am I willing to work hard to get to better questions. Tonight, I'm also stuffed up in the head, and that's adding to my being tired and being lazy - but it's in obedience and in pressing through that God is glorified and we are sanctified in Christ... right?

Good trip so far, and I really enjoying spending time with guys and cutting up about bodily functions. Don't ask.
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