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Friday, August 06, 2004
Testosterone Weekend
It's 8:30am - an hour and a half before the van pulls out of the CWO parking lot for Promise Keepers in Atlanta, GA. I'm looking forward to it - the fellowship driving down and navigating the downtown traffic, standing together in lines to get anywhere, praising God with thousands of men from all over the southeast. I think I'm also looking forward to the anonymity in being such a small group in a big place; and I'm looking forward to conversation, getting opportunities to talk to folks and find out what they're really about, share myself and my incongruities a little deeper, I suppose.

I've been to a few PK events before - I can remember at least three: my first time in the Georgia Dome, another trip to the Dome, and then the time it came to Columbia's W-B Stadium. The speakers can get a bit long-winded and dry, and the rhetoric gets a little too masculine skewed that I need sometimes, but the praise & worship is the most incredible thing to be a part of. All the tenors and bass voise gathered up together, not caring who's listening and not trying to impress their wives. It's really good - the live music recordings have been really good over the years, but they can't catch the force of that much voice depth bouncing off the ceiling and reverberating through an auditorium.

As I wrote above, I'm looking forward to conversation - with men going from CWO, maybe hooking up with other guys from other churches/states. I love the book tables and tshirt stuff, but I'll probably keep a low profile on those fronts. I'll post pictures and thoughts and stuff later, too.

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