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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
"Whatcha Thinkin'?"
  • I've made my itinerary & plans for the business trip to Puerto Rico at the end of the month. I'm beginning to look forward to it. I won't be playing much, but the resort/hotel is nice and right on the beach. And while it'll be very busy, I'll also be travelling by myself - which means that I can do what I want in the evenings, go to the right restaurants, get lost in the tourist district, and shop for souvenirs. Any suggestions? It'll be nice, but by the end of the week, especially with so much work being done, you just want to come home. So yes, I'll miss my family - but it'll be fun to tickle 'em when I get back with surprises. And next time I fly down there, hopefully after Thanksgiving some time, Vicki might be able to come for the weekend, too - really do the touristy thing.

  • I've got a Bible conundrum: Psalm 15. In verses 3-4, David writes:
      ... and has no slander on his tongue,
      who does his neighbor no wrong
      and casts no slur on his fellowman,
      who despises a vile man
      but honors those who fear the LORD ...
    Right there, side by side, it looks like we're supposed to have the ability to "cast no slur on our fellowman" and to "despise a vile man". Is this "love the sinner, hate the sin"? Because I've rarely seen that lived out in a way that's truly loving towards the individual - unless there's a real relationship there already. I mean, you might be able to "speak the truth in love" and preach against the homosexual agenda with the backing of the wrath of God. But if a close friend all of a sudden comes out of the closet, your reaction tells alot about your love for him as an individual and your view of sin - doesn't it? I guess it just struck me that we'll cast those slurs because we despise the reprobate man (another translation) - but we're not necessarily supposed to join in that, according to the context here at least.

  • CNN.com - Police: Wedding guests eat victim - Aug 10, 2004 - Eeeww. Rough in-laws.

  • I received a "get good luck" email this morning. I don't mind them, but I do like to check out any stories being passed around, making sure they're at least true. This one wasn't - good story, just didn't happen in real life. It's the story of Sir Alexander Fleming and Sir Winston Churchill, with one saving the other, and then both getting educated and doing well. Fleming discovers penicillin, and is able to send it to Churchill when he's sick, once again saving his life. Lots to learn about sacrificing, saving others, being grateful, what goes around comes around, etc. And it brings up the question again: in order to be "truthful", does a story have to be factual?
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