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Monday, July 05, 2004
Right now, I'm on a history kick. Part of it has to do with the "Reclaim America" stuff we're doing at church, I'm sure. As I've been doing some of my own internet research into the founding fathers (I'm also really intrigued to get a new book I saw the other day called "The Founding Brothers"), I've also been flipping through the History Channel, documentaries on PBS, some extra stuff on DiscoveryHD, and even some old books I still had at my folks' house. I go through periods of reading-genre, and I guess right now it's history. I'm wanting to find more on RevolutionaryWar-era stuff, but I'm drawn in to just about anything right now.

Hopefully, my search into the past will clear up some of my own ambiguities about the future. I'm especially interested in learning about the politics, religion and philosophies of the people who gave their lives for the birth of USAmerica. I want to see what they said, what they did, and how it might give real oomph to what's going on right now. Politically, I find myself too conservative and too liberal for the tastes of those around me. How would I have played out these same thoughts and aspirations in 1770 New England, or even in 1860 Virginia? Those are the kinds of things going through my historical head right now.
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